Day in the Life: Sharing Our Bed With the Pack?

Our dogs sleep in the bed with us. I know to some that sounds utterly disgusting and gross and icky and whatever other synonym you want to throw in there but it’s just the way it is for some dog people. Our bed is their bed and vice versa, except we opt to not reciprocate the invitation to share the dog beds scattered about the house.

We literally live with our dogs and while we do gate off areas of the house and vacuum like mad to keep the hair at a tolerable level, these pups are such a part of our lives that we’re one step above that guy who had a show living with a pack of wolves.

Okay, we’re two or three steps from that but still. We love letting our huskies live free, in a pack, unchained and as part of the family.

Of course with so many we don’t let them all come in and pile in the bed at once, they do take turns, but eventually all fourteen get rotated in to sleep with us at least two or three times a week.

The rest sleep outside, either in their barrels or in the snow if there’s snow or just out in the open in the straw.

Except Coco, who sleeps in every single night and has since we adopted him because he’s a big, spoiled baby. 😄

Published by Chelle B.

Wife, mother, full time husky wrangler. Trying to live the empty nest homesteading lifestyle next to Yellowstone while being allergic to just about everything on planet earth. Welcome to my adventures!

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