Pack Leader

Draco is both pack leader and our lead sled dog, as well as our stud dog, so naturally his boys take after him. Baby Tonka caught our eye for both his looks and his personality. He looks just like his mom, Juno, and like both mom and dad he’s quite the little leader himself and displays all the qualities we’re looking for in a future lead dog: calm, intelligence and confidence. We’ve also decided to…

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Pedigree Stage Stop Dog Sled Races

This year was our first experience attending the Pedigree Stage Stop races and it was such a blast! They’ve already announced the dates for the 2020 race, which you can also find posted here, and the purse this year is a whopping $165,000. We won’t be racing ourselves (we wish!) but we’re already making plans to be there for at least the ceremonial kick off and hopefully one or two of the Stage Stops, too.…

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Ready For Snow!

It’s that time of year. Snow is just around the corner and it’s time to get ready for some dog sledding! We have been letting the pups sleep outside a lot so they’ve all got their thick, winter coats. It’s amazing how fluffy they get! Juno has a new litter of pups and among them is our newest addition to the team, Tatonka (or Tonka for short). He is the spitting image of his mom…

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